Etiquette and Conduct on the Course



1. REPLACE your divots – PROPERLY, use the divot mix if you are at a tee box.

2. REPAIR pitch marks – PROPERLY, don’t walk away from the green without repairing it.

3. RAKE bunkers – PROPERLY, place the rake back in the bunker pointing at the hole when you have finished.


5. DON’T  SCOOP your ball out of the hole with your putter head – this damages the lip of the hole.


It is your responsibility to play safely and at a proper pace. Slow play kills the game and makes inconsiderate players very unpopular.

Call faster players through.

1. If you fall a hole behind the group in front of you, call the group behind you (of whatever number of players, including single players) to play through.  Slot back in behind that group.

2. If you can’t quickly find your ball on the course, don’t spend 5 minutes looking for it before you call the group behind through. Call the next group through promptly, then resume looking for your ball. Slot back in behind that group.

3. Even if you haven’t fallen a full hole behind, if the group playing behind you (of whatever number, including single players) are playing or could play faster than you, call them through. You should slot in behind faster players. Don’t hold faster players back – they won’t hold you back!

4. Be ready to play your shot. Line up your putt or plan the shot you are going to play while your partners are playing their ball. Don’t waste time.

5. Unless there is nobody behind you, you must move away from a green quickly once you have putted out. Please don’t replay or practice putts on the course greens. The group behind you are waiting for you to clear the green. Practice your putting on the designated practice green before or after your game.

6. Don’t mark your score cards at the green. Start playing the next hole promptly and keep the course moving. Mark you card as you walk up the fairway.

7. You may not use the 5th as a starting point  if anyone is on the 4th hole (tee-box to green). Check before you play & call faster players through.

8. Be considerate to the other players in your group, to all players on the hole in front of or beside you, and all those who can hear you, see you or be affected by your golf – anywhere on the course.


Breaches of Care of Course and Pace of Play should be referred to the Club Council for action under Rule 33.